No RallyDenmark in the year 2018

After a years break, we can announce that the rally is back in 2019 ūüŹĀ
We are being a part of Mini Rally Syd.
We are busy planning a rally for Saturday, May 25, 2019.


LM Transport, Ans Kjellerup VulkaniseringLS Auto, Ans

Hammel Autolak

D.E. TekniQ Demstrup/Kjellerup

logo byens koebmand

Arena Midt, Kjellerup
Arena Midt, Hasselvej 15, DK-8620 Kjellerup

Viborg Kommune



12:25 Rally Denmark Ceremonial Start - ARENA MIDT KJELLERUP
12:30 Start of the first rally car - Arena Midt Kjellerup
13:17 SS 1 Hersom 1 
13:54 SS 2 Show 1 på Viborg Kaserne
15:38 SS 3 Hersom 2 
16:15 SS 4 Show 2 på Viborg Kaserne
17:38 SS 5 Demstrup 1
18:15 SS 6 √ėrum 1
18:53 SSS 7 Show 3 på Viborg Kaserne
20:16 SS 8 Demstrup 2
20:53 SS 9 √ėrum 2


08:20 Start of the first rally car - Arena Midt Kjellerup
08:55 SS 10 Gjern Bakke 1
09:13 SS 11 S√łbyg√•rd 1
11:05 SS 12 Gjern Bakke 2
11:23 SS 13 S√łbyg√•rd 2
12:10 Rally Denmark podium finish 
13:20 Præmieoverrækkelse Terrasse Cafeen ARENA MIDT KJELLERUP

* all times are provisional and can be changed without prior warning
* Alle tidspunkter kan blive ændret uden advarsel

The FIA Benelux Rally Trophy kicks off in the Zuiderzeerally

In the weekend of 18 March 2017 the FIA Benelux Rally Challenge really started. In the Dutch town of Emmeloord some eight teams were eligible to score points in the trophy. Though the number of cars is still a bit limited, the battle for victory was quite exciting. Eventually it was Hermen Kobus from the Netherlands who clinched initial Trophy honour by beating Christian Riedemann in a direct fight.

FIABENRT 1 Zuiderzeerally

The competitors
Hermen Kobus was one of the first drivers to announce he would be competing the whole FIA Benelux Trophy in his Skoda Fabia R5. Christian Riedemann was in Zuiderzeerally to test some components and tyres on his Peugeot 208 T16 R5. But upon arrival in Holand he noticed the field there and registered for the Open Dutch Rally Championship. The Trophy calendar fits very well into the Dutch championship so he might a regular Trophy contender as well. Joakim Grahn is a confirmed contender. The Swede expressed his intention to compete the whole Trophy in his Ford Fiesta R5.

Dutch driver Henk Bakkenes in a Mitsubishi EVO X and Hungarian Tibo Érdi Jr. in a similar car are also eligible to score points. When asked, hey were still uncertain if they would compete the whole Trophy season. Unfortunately Érdi had to retire on stage 2. However in the evening he came back in the Zeebodemshortrally and won it.

In a somewhat smaller class we find Dutchman Gert Jan Kobus and Carsten Jensen from Denmark. They respectively drive a Peugeot 208 and a Renault Clio.

Kobus vs Riedemann
Fastest man in Emmeloord was Jasper van den Heuvel, but he cannot score points in the Trophy. Directly behind him there was a four-way battle between the R5 drivers. Hermen Kobus was one of them. Christian Riememann started cautiously but when Bob de Jong who could not score in the Trophy had to retire his Citroën R5, the battle of the day between Kobus and Riedemann really began and Joakim Grahn was never far behind. On the infamous industrial estate of Nagelerweg, Grahn touched something and broke a rim and consequently lost a lot of time. So it was up to the Dutchman and the German to decide who would score maximum points. Though they were always very close. At the last stage Riedemann scored a scratch in an attempt to finally pass his Dutch opponent but it was not enough. Kobus won. “In the beginning we had some problems with the tyres but in the end it went very well and the fight with Riedemann was great fun, said the Dutchman.” The German agreed. “Not bad for a test,” he smiled. “We also had problems to properly heat our tyres and when they started to work I had already lost some 12 seconds. But I’m concentrating on the German Championship and didn’t go all the way. So we’ll meet again in Sulingen,” he smiled to his opponent. “Then the battle is really on!” Eventually Kobus also won the rally when Jasper van de Heuvel was given a penalty for an infringement of the regulations. “You hate t win like that,” commented Kobus. “But it makes good points for the Dutch Championship,” he smiled.

In the smaller class Gert Jan Kobus and Carsten Jensen were having their own fight. Again a Dutchman was faster as Gert Jan Kobus took a lead of just over a minute. He also scored ER4 points as with his age he fits into the junior category.

Next stop Sulingen
The Trophy battle is still very yong, but already we have a challenger promising a good fight and that is Christian Riedemann who definitely will want to show what he is worth on home soil during the Rallye “Rund um die Sulinger Bärenklaue” on the 5th and 6th of May. Hermen Kobus with a lot of ERC experience will definitely take up the challenge, so we are looking forward to a good fight!

Final result FIA Benelux Trophy in the Zuiderzeerally

1. Hermen Kobus Skoda Fabia R5 1:02:15.9
2. Christian Riedemann Peugeot 208 T16 +13.1
3. Jim vd Heuvel Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X +1:07.1
4. Henk Bakkenes Mitsubishi Evo X +4:52.5
5. Gert-Jan Kobus Peugeot 208 R2 1:10:26.2
6. Carsten Jensen Renault Clio R3T 1:11:40.6
7. Joakim Grahn Ford Fiesta R5 1:16:59.5

DNF: Tibor Érdi jr. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

Facts and figures Zuiderzeerrally 2017

  • Date: 18 March 2017
  • Location: Emmeloord The Netherlands
  • Total length of the rally: 361 kilometer
  • Number of stages: 13 (a total of 117 km
  • Number of entries: 33
  • Number of teams at the finish: 24
  • Weather: cloudy with a light drizzle. Temperatures approx.. 10 degrees Celsius

Most important retirements

  • Bob de Jong-Björn Degandt (Citroën DS3 R5) – KP 6 (differential);
  • Brian Madsen-Ole Frederiksen (DK, Peugeot 306 Maxi) – KP 3 (mechanical);
  • Tibor Edri jr.-Gyorgy Papp (H, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X) – KP 2 (mechanical)

Fastest performers

  • Jasper van den Heuvel 10 scratches
  • Hermen Kobus 2
  • Christian Riedemann 1

Leaders in the event

  • Jasper van den Heuvel SS 1 t/m 11;
  • Hermen Kobus SS 12 t/m 13
21 Mar 2017

The FIA Benelux Rally Trophy kicks off in the Zuiderzeerally In the weekend of 18 March 2017 the FIA Benelux Rally Challenge really started. In the Dutch...

12 Feb 2017

FIA Benelux Rally Trophy replaces FIA Scandinavian Rally Trophy During a FIA meeting last week it was decided that the FIA Benelux Trophy will be organized...



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