No RallyDenmark in the year 2018

After a years break, we can announce that the rally is back in 2019 🏁
We are being a part of Mini Rally Syd.
We are busy planning a rally for Saturday, May 25, 2019.

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FIA Benelux Rally Trophy replaces FIA Scandinavian Rally Trophy

During a FIA meeting last week it was decided that the FIA Benelux Trophy will be organized instead of the FIA Scandinavian Rally Trophy (FSRT) of which we earlier informed you. This was due to the fact that two events from the FIA SRT withdrew form it. It was then decided that the three remaining events from this trophy would merge with the two events of the Benelux Trophy. As there are now more events in the Benelux zone, it was decided to call the trophy: FIA Benelux Rally Trophy (FIA BEN-RT)

The European Rally Trophy (ERT) is made up of a total of eight regional series, the FIA BEN-RT being one of them. It offers an excellent chance for ambitious rally teams to widen their experience in a FIA approved international rally trophy when the step to the full FIA European Rally Championship is still a bit too much. In the FIA BEN-RT they get the chance to compete in five rallies that are completely different, thus enabling them to familiarize with the differences between a national championship and an international trophy.


The five rally’s are based in four different countries in northern Europe and are relatively close together so that for example travelling costs can be kept to a minimum. The trophy starts, in the Netherlands with the Zuiderzeerally based in Emmeloord in the middle of the country. The other four rallies are: the German Sulingen, Rallye, the Belgian Ypres Rally, the Dutch GTC Rally and the final rally will be Rally Denmark.


18 March 2017: Zuiderzeerally

5-6 May 2017: ADAC Rallye Rund um die Sulinger Bärenklaue

23-24 June 2017: Kenotek Ypres Rally

8-9 July 2017:GTC Rally

4-5 November 2017: Rally Denmark

In [brackets] you’ll find the URL of each event. Here you can obtain more information about each individual event on the FIA Benelux Rally Trophy calendar.

Entering the FIA Benelux Rally Trophy

There is no entry fee nor do you specifically have to enter the trophy, as all drivers holding an international licence and driving an eligible car will automatically be classified in the Trophy.

Four categories are contested in each event:

  • The main ERT class, comprising eligible R5 and S2000 machinery;
  • ERT 2 for eligible Group N cars;
  • ERT 3 for eligible 2WD Group R, Group A and Group N cars, Super 1600 and Group A kit cars;
  • ERT Junior class for competitors born on or after 1 January 1990.


The costs will be relatively low. There is no entry fee for the trophy and for foreign competitors there will be reduced entry fees in each individual rally. As it is a regional championship travel costs will be kept to a minimum.

What’s in it for me as a rally driver?

The first and most important thing is that you can get international experience with events being run under FIA regulations. Competing in an international championship usually generates more publicity than competing in a national or regional event. This applies to all media ranging from international to regional media. And then there is the chance to compete in the FIA European Rally Trophy Final where drivers from all other regions will come together to decide who will be the winner of the FIA ERT. Five drivers of every region in each of the four categories (ERT, ERT 2, ERT 3 and ERT Junior) qualify for the Rally Trophy Final. Drivers and co-drivers will compete in the final for the class in which they qualified only. This format will result in an open, competitive and exciting European Rally Trophy in 2017, and it is sure to be another thrilling finale when the top drivers meet to do battle in November. The venue for this finale has not been decided yet.

More information

Shortly more information will be available about this championship. This information will be published on the websites of each individual rally. Recently a Facebook page was opened this will be build up as we get more information. Of course rules and regulations as well as the calendar of the eight series will be published on the FIA website.


Contact details

Johannes Fraas, Coordinator

Grøndyssevej 5, DK-3210 Vejby, Denmark.

Mob. +45 40686154

Dansk Automobil Sports Union

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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